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Mailing Address:

2323 Clear Lake City Blvd

Suite 180  Box 192

Houston, TX  77062

(P) 877-793-2002

(F) 877-793-2002



5630 Guhn Road

Suite 100

Houston, TX  77040

(P) 877-793-2002

(F) 877-793-2002


AuCom North America Inc.

2528 Lovi Road, Bldg 2-2A

Freedom, PA 15042

Toll Free: (855) 928-2666

Ph: (724) 987-4949

Fax: (724) 510-3055



AuCom Electronics is an industrial power control company based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We provide our clients technical expertise in the area of motor and power control. On-going research and development combined with our strong understanding of applications and client requirements ensures we deliver solutions that really do get the job done.


We understand that the businesses we work with and the applications they deal with vary. AuCom are specialists in fixed speed motor control. We operate globally to provide our clients the know-how and support to help things go right from the start.


Our commitment to you is that we will work to understand your specification, then formulate a solution that makes your life easy. Besides our technical know-how we have an extensive range of technologies enabling us to deliver straight forward solutions for simple applications or fully advanced products for more complex requirements.


Key Benefits:

· Dedicated Employees and Manufacturing Operations

· Total Solutions Provider

· Simple and Reliable  

· Superior Service and Support

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