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950 Tollgate road

Elgin, IL 60123
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Flender is the world's largest supplier of industrial gear units we have the very best solutions for your applications. We have gained extensive expertise through our decades of experience in nearly every sector of raw material production, industry, and further processing. The portfolio of FLENDER gear units ranges from universal standard gear units through application-specific gear units to customer-specific solutions. Technology proven in service hundreds of thousands of times and experience going back more than 110 years are proof of our expertise.

Key Benefits:

· Global Manufacturing Operations for geared unit and coupling production  

· Real-World Engineering Experience and Field Service Capabilities

· Years of Superior Service and Support

MD30.1_Flender Standard Industrial Gear Units.pdf
MD10_1_Flender Standard Couplings.pdf
Flender Coupling Chart.pdf
MD00.0_Fundamental Principles of Mechanical Engineering.pdf
Siemens-Flender Application Specific Gearing.pdf

Flender Coupling Chart

Fundamental Principles of Mechanical Engineering

Flender Application Specific Gearing